Peg Com Guild Rules

1.  There is created the Office of the President.  The term of this office is for one year, there are no term limits.  To be able to hold this office one must, at the time of filing for it, have been a Pegasus Command Citizen for no less than three months. A Pegasus Command Member is any member of any recognized Game Fleet. While a Pegasus Command Citizen must have requested citizenship and be approved for such in accordance with these rules. Unless such member obtained their Citizenship as a founder citizen. A founder citizen is immediately eligible for any office or position under these rules. In these rules a Citizen has all the rights and duties of a member unless stated otherwise in the rule. While a member’s rights are only those expressly given to members.


Powers and Duties of The Office of President


A.  The President shall have the power to veto any measure of the Supreme Forces Commander, herein after Supreme Commander, and can only have this veto over ridden by a majority vote of those voting in the Pegasus Command Star Council (PCSC).

B.  The Supreme Commander also must seek the advice of the President for all long-term measures, war plans, and command positions.

C.  In the event of a tie vote of the PCSC, the President shall vote to end the tie, in all other cases the President shall have no vote but may attend meetings of the PCSC and propose agenda items as any other member of the PCSC.

D.  The President also calls a newly elected PCSC to session and is the judge of all elections. The holder of this office shall be unable to run for a seat on the PCSC.

E.  The President shall appoint 3 members who have been Peg Com Citizens no less than 3 months at the time of appointment as judges of Peg Com's Judicial System. Their terms shall be for one year.  These appointments must be confirmed by the PCSC.

F.  The Office of the President shall be in charge of both formation and implementation of all the guilds recruiting efforts as well as regulations for member purges. The President shall also ensure a published list of all Pegasus Command Citizens available to the entire membership.

G.  The Office of the President is authorized to create a body of rules that are to be applied only when a spy allegation is made.  The Rules will cover questions, other interrogation techniques, what evidence is admissible, and check lists for hearings in only these matters.

H.  These rules will be secret and may only be viewed by members of the PCSC, Judges and the President. However, any member can view the spy rules, upon request to the PCSC, and approval by a majority of those voting.


  Powers and Duties of the Pegasus Command Star Council


2.  We are for and by our citizenship as such, a governing body of citizens are to be elected from all citizens voting who will in turn elect a supreme commanding officer (the number of seats is on a ratio of 1 seat for each guild approved game, plus 1). The Council members will be called Consul. The PCSC will meet no less than once per month. Members of the PCSC must attend each meeting, however, they may grant proxy to another member, post in the PCSC thread, or provide notice of nonattendance to any PCSC member and be excused. Failure of a PCSC member to provide notice of nonattendance at a meeting, will subject them to possible removal from their seat at the next meeting. A PCSC member may then be removed by a majority of those voting at the next meeting. Such a removed member may not run for election for any office in Peg Com in the next election cycle.  A special election will not be held in the case of the removal of a PCSC member under this rule.

   Terms are for 6 months, unless a no confidence vote is called on any elected member by any Pegasus Command Citizen, if such vote passes by a majority of those voting the member will be removed from the position and a new election held for it.  A member of the PCSC must be a citizen to hold a seat, even if elected. If a member leaves during their term, the seat will be deemed vacated, and an election will be held for the remainder of the term.  Unless there is 30 days or less left in the term, in which case the seat shall be left vacant, and filled in the next general election. This body may make all necessary and proper rules as needed for the advancement of Pegasus Command.

A.  The President will ensure that there is at least a two-week transition period for Supreme Commanders.  Filing for SC shall be held before the PCSC to allow all candidates for the post of SC to have a command staff ready if elected.

B.  All citizens have one vote regardless of level in a game or time in Peg Com, however, to serve on the PCSC, you must have been a citizen for at least 3 months at the time of filing and have no family member serving on the PCSC or running for a seat at the time of election. In no event can any PCSC member be related to another.

C.  Only a member of the PCSC can call for a no confidence vote of the Supreme Commander.

D.  There are no terms limits, you may run for any position as many times as you wish and hold it as many times as elected. However, the Supreme Commander may only hold office in nonconsecutive terms.  After which the former office holder may run again for the office of Supreme Commander.

E.  Any member may attend a PCSC meeting and will be allowed to speak once all official business is conducted.  All meetings of the PCSC are to be held on the voice server in the PCSC meeting room.  Notice of meetings will be provided to all members.

F.  The PCSC upon majority vote of those voting may create offices and ranks needed for the fulfillment of the purpose of Peg Com.  However, such offices may only be of a non-military nature.  The citizen holding such office shall hold it only upon appointment by vote of the PCSC and may be removed or replaced at any time in the same manner.  The sole power to declare war rests with the PCSC and requires a majority vote of those voting to make such declaration or to end such war.  Such a declaration may be proposed by anyone with the right to propose items to the PCSC.   The PCSC has the power to define the limits of the conflict and manner of its prosecution.  However, this does not limit the power of the SC to issue KOS orders on players in a game.  This involves war with other organized groups in a game.

G.  Removal of Officers from Office- 2/3 votes for all officers, but judicial requires 4/5s vote- all officers have a right to defend charges. Only the Council may vote to remove an officer.

H.  Emergency PCSC meetings, may only be called by the President, the Supreme Commander, and the Chairman of the PCSC.  After notice to as many PCSC members as possible, after any such meeting all PCSC members will be informed of what occurred within 24 hours of the meeting.  If such a meeting occurs with less than 3 PCSC members the action must be voted on again, at a regular meeting of the PCSC as soon as possible to remain in effect.

I.  PCSC members may only officially be contacted for an emergency meeting via in game, voice server, or Web Site Message.  These are the only official channels, others that are/may be used will not be considered contact, and failure to contact all members of the PCSC via one of the above ways, will make any such emergency meeting invalid.

J.  The caller of the emergency meeting must inform the members then present how each PCSC member was contacted and if any response was received.  When the notices were sent, in no event can an emergency meeting have less than a 1 hour notice.

K. Review SC plan modifications, if any PCSC member wishes, a formal vote to approve or disapprove such modification can be required, if asked for within 14 days of notification of the modification.

Such a meeting may be called for any of these reasons:

A.  To remove a member, in which case 2/3 votes are still required.
B.  To override a Presidential veto.
C.  To reinstate a citizen.

D.  A reason of great importance, one which could not wait for a normal meeting.  This catch all if abused, can result in the PCSC issuing sanctions on the offending issuer of the meeting call, up to and including removal from membership. In the case of the President their power to call such a meeting may be suspended for 30 days, but they may not be removed from citizenship.



 Powers and Duties of the Supreme Forces Commander


3.  Once elected the Supreme Commander may appoint other officers as needed.  Terms are for one year. They also serve as the chair of the PCSC should they be a member.  In the event the Supreme Commander is not a member of the PCSC, it shall elect a chair from its members by majority vote. The PCSC chair shall call meetings to order and set an agenda, which may be added to by any PCSC member at any time, even during a meeting.

A.  The Supreme Commander is the prime military authority in Peg Com. The Supreme Commander (SC) may impose suspensions from activities for up to 30 days due to Rule Violations and/or General Order violations. Such suspensions may be private or public at the judgement of the SC.  The suspended member may appeal such suspension to the PCSC, which may be overturned by a majority of those voting.  All other member discipline resulting in removal from citizenship requires hearing before the PCSC.  The PCSC when sitting in such judgement must have no less than 5 members present to act.

B.  The Supreme Commander must submit a full leadership plan to the PCSC, within a reasonable time, after their election to the position for approval. This Plan must be long term and be in sync with the mission of the Pegasus Command Mission Statement. This plan goes into effect once presented unless unapproved, also any modifictions to the plan must have the President's Approval and be submitted to the PCSC for notification. All SC General Orders remain effective until revoked by the active Supreme Commander.

C.  The Supreme Commander shall have the power to enter into alliances and agreements for Pegasus Command. The Supreme Commander may delegate any power or duty to another citizen, who may hold such power or duty until the Supreme Commander revokes it.  All citizens appointed to positions by the Supreme Commander serve at that officer’s pleasure and may be release, re-tasked, or reduced in rank at any time. There is no appeal and such appointments and decisions are final.

D.  The Supreme Commander shall appoint a Game Commander for each official Peg Com game. They will have full command of the game they play, subject to SC General Orders.  Their term is 6 months, unless removed by the SC. They have all the powers and duties of the SC inside their respective game.  In no case can a Pegasus Command member serve as both SC and GM, nor hold more than 1 GM command at a time but may hold any other office under these rules. GM's have no term limits. All GMs are required to command at least one guild in the game commanded and must be a member of every guild under their command.

E.  Ensure that all guild times for any and all events are listed in Eastern time.


  Pegasus Command Citizenship Rules


 4.  Peg Com will have members and citizens.  Members may use any public work of the guild, such as the site and discord.  Also, they will be subject to all member rules and regulations.  However, they will have no guild removal protections, nor will they have any judicial remedy for being removed from the guild.  They can be removed at any time for any reason. Members may not vote in guild elections, nor hold any elected office.

A.  Any member can become a Peg Com Citizen, after three months with the guild, request and recommendation of the President, SC, or any Game Commander. A member requesting recommendation for citizenship must be responded to within 3 days by the officer of which such request is made. A denial of the recommendation must be in writing and state reasons for such. Any denial is appealable to the PCSC by the requestor via the Peg Com Judicial System. Once such request and recommendation are made the PCSC at any time, but not more than 5 days from request and recommendation, by majority vote will vote on the citizenship. If granted all protections from being removed, judicial recourse for any removal, and the right to vote and hold any office are granted. Citizenship cannot be removed without process, as allowed by rule.  A member may request citizenship as many times as they wish, until granted.

B.  An initial group of current members will be made citizens at the passing of the new rule, they will be posted on the site and are the guilds founding citizens.  As will the name of any Peg Com Citizen when citizenship is granted.  The list of Peg Com Citizens will be maintained by the office of the president and published on the site for record and review.


 General Membership Rules

1.   All members must be at least the age of 18. Anyone a member before 29 OCT 11 may remain a member regardless of age. Additionally, members need to be combat competent in the English language, so that their use of team speak does not hinder operations.

2.   Any member that is absence from the game for more than a 5-day period must notify a member of command if possible of the absence before it occurs.  All members are required to log into the site no less than once per week.

3.   In game Admin authority.  Only members of the PCSC, other officers, and the President may have Admin authority.   The only Admin who may make another member an Admin is the Supreme Commander or the President.

4.   No member may use any game exploit (as defined by the game they are then playing), hack, script, or bot for any purpose in the game.

5.   Should a member wish to leave Peg Com they must post notice they are doing so before they leave, on the website forums.  No reason is required but would be appreciated. Should a member leave without notice, they will be considered to have left under dishonorable conditions and will not be allow re-admission and be forever barred from Pegasus Command membership. This rule applies to any member leaving after 18 JUL 16.

6.   All command officers must be willing to use Team Speak 3 and/or Discord with voice, and all members must have access to team speak and/or discord to at least hear speakers.

7.   New members must have Team Speak 3 and/or Discord within 7 in game days or 30 days from joining, failure to do so will result in automatic removal from membership, the provisions of rule 5 do not apply to this removal. Waivers can be given, by command, or the President, to members for good cause.

8.   All members are under military jurisdiction, unless acting as a member/officer of the civilian government.

9.   All members will follow the chain of command.

10. All members must join the main Pegasus Command site within 14 days of joining.  Game Commanders (GMs) must develop a membership requirement to join the above.  Waivers from joining the site and/or twitter are applied for from the Office of the President.

11. All members should recognize as a member of Peg Com they are also a representative of the guild in any game they play. As such, any behavior or action that is uncivil and/or disruptive to other members or in said game, may be met with sanction up to removal from the guild. A screen shot, audio recording, or other appropriate evidence shall be required for enforcement of this rule.

12. All guild members playing Dreadnought with the guild must change their in-game name to PegCom_ (any name wished by member). This is due to the fact no guild roster is supported in game, and aids in identifying members as well as finding them to friend.


Official Game Commands


5.  Each official game of Pegasus Command shall have a game commander in charge of such game.  Unless the game has competition between the game factions or guilds, in such case each guild will have its own Game Commander, to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest. In order to have a game become official and its guild members, members of Pegasus Command it must follow one of these tracks:


A.  When Started by any Pegasus Command Citizen:

 When they have 10 players not counting themselves, who are also not Pegasus Command members, they may ask to be officially part of Peg Com. Game unit names must have Pegasus Command in the guild title, (Pegasus Command_Game Name, Etc...).  No member shall name it after themselves or any other person real or fictional. So, Pegasus Command Aer would be wrong, while Pegasus Command Eve would be fine. Peg Com must always come first in the name. When these requirements are met the member must contact the Supreme Commander to get approval from the PCSC.

B.  When started per order of the Supreme Commander:

The SC has the power to send players to a game to "check" out and report on. If done this way there is no min requirement of members for coming before the PCSC to get official status.

CNaming of in game guild holdings:

Any guild holding that can be named must have Pegasus Command or a recognized abbreviation of such, like Peg Com, PC, the holdings name.

If the holding can be renamed at anytime, even if there is a cost for such, the naming is under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Commander. This can be done, only after a vote of the members in the guild of that game, at the time the holding is named to suggest names for the holding. This vote is to ensure member participation in the process but will not be binding. 

If the holding cannot be renamed, the naming requires a vote of the PCSC.

  1. Games Approved by the PCSC:
  2. Battlestar Galactica Online, Colonial, both EU and US Servers, PC
  3. Star Trek Online, Federation and Klingon Fleets, PC
  4. Star Wars the Old Republic, Sith and Republic, Star Forge Server, PC
  5. Dreadnought, PC
  6. Neverwinter, PC
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