Office of the President



                                                Guild President: Saucy

                                                    Elected: 15 OCT 22

                                                 Term Ends: 15 OCT 23



The Office of the President is a guild wide elected office.  It is elected by Peg Com Citizens each year.  The office holder works closely with the Supreme Commander on all long-term guild issues.  Oversees all guild public works. Appoints judges to the Peg Com Court.  Has veto power of Quorum rules, and holds a permanent non-voting seat on the Quorum as well. This office is directly responsible for all guild activitives not inside an official guild of Pegasus Command.

Our guild's founding principle is "We are nothing without our members", which informs all we do and was coined by our founder Aer at the founding of the guild.  Encapsulates how we are dedicated to building game communities in which members feel both a part of and are greater than any one of us.  We leave no one behind and all members have the ability to affect the whole. We are here to serve our membership.

Our guild's tagline is "Playing the game wrong since 2011".  This was coined by long term member and former Supreme Commander Icekeeper during our time as a BSGO only wing.  It shows our basic commitment to a game play policy that is not always meta, but always fun.  It is a way to find fun in games that uses in game items in unique and unorthordox ways to maximize uniqueness, and working together for our defined goals in the games we are in.  Games are meant to be fun, and sometime established game metas get in the way of that and the ability of members to create something new.




Below are the highest civilian awards of the guild:



                                                               Presidential Commendation Medals

 The Presidential Commendation Medal, above, is given only to a member that has shown loyalty to Pegasus Command in both Military and Civilian matters.  A member so awarded would embody the deepest ideals of this community, service to Peg Com and its membership.  This is the highest Civilian Award and is Bestowed only upon order of the President.
The Presidential Civil Commendation Medal is only Awarded to a member by the President, for exceptional and conspicuous service to Pegasus Command in a civilian capacity.

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