Office of the President

    Guild Purge Regulations   

Purpose: Pegasus Command though the Office of  the President conducts membership purges on a regular basis.  We do this to show the value of membership and to show appreciation for our history and democracy.  No one wants to purge a member, but if basic requirements are not met, we as a guild long ago determined empty numbers are not worth the reduction in the value of a membership.  Our guild is nothing without its members.

1.  No member may be purged without notice, notice may be by site announcements, emails, in game announcements (if they get to all members in that game's guild), PMs on this site, or PM via discord. No other method counts as notice.

2.  Any member can be purged, regardless of time in the guild or position held.

3.  Any member purged has a right to ask for re-invite to the guild.

4.  Only the Office of the President or its agent may purge a member from any guild/fleet in our guild.

5.  Purge means removal from the guild site, and all fleets/guilds of Pegasus Command.

6.  A purged member loses all time in the guild, but not awards. If they are re-invited back to the guild they start as a new member. If a member feels they are purged improperly they may petition the Peg Com Court for review, who may reinstate their lost time.

7. To be purged a member must meet any of the following criteria:

    a. Failure to log into any official guild game for more than three months without notice to the guild.  A member may provide notice to the President via site pm, if they do not want the reason for absents known to the guild. Also, no reason must be given, but notice is required.

    b. Failure to comply with a join the site or follow guild twitter request by the President after thirty days.

8.  The Office of the President will give no less than five days’ notice before a guild purge.

9.  A purge may not be only for one official guild game. It must be guild wide.

10. All purged members character names and game must be posted in the guild forums. This must be done in the Office of the President section. Such names must be posted no less than three days after such purge.


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Presidential Commendation Medals

Medal Symbol Award Criteria
                      The Presidential Commendation Medal is given only to a member that has shown loyalty to Pegasus Command in both Military and  Civilian matters.  A member so awarded would embody the deepest ideals of this community, service to Peg Com and its membership.  This is the highest Civilian Award and is Bestowed only upon order of the President.
                      The Presidential Civil Commendation Medal is only Awarded to a member by the President, for exceptional and conspicuous service to Pegasus Command in a civilian capacity.

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